Tucson, AZ USA
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About Us

Tucson's Drive-In Movie Theatre

Jobs With Cactus:

We are always looking for help with our events. If you’re interested in earning a little extra income, contact us on Facebook or fill in a application on our website. Compensation for each event is paid at $30 per event and will get free entry for themselves and one other car for any event they choose to work at!


If you’re looking to get a great spot at the drive-in, arrive at least 20-30 minutes early. If you bring a large vehicle or hatchback that is likely to obstruct the view of others, you will have to park either at the sides or a few rows back. If a volunteer tells you that you have to move, it’s likely because you parked a large vehicle/hatchback near the center and are obstructing the view of others.  New screen will allow all vehicles to park anywhere they choose without blocking others. Please be kind and remember to turn your headlights off when pointed at screen.


Moving to the Tucson Rodeo Park. We will post direction as soon as all details are available.  We have workers scanning tickets and processing admission tickets at entrance to our lot please do not run over our cones and obey parking directions given by our event staff safety workers

Weather/Cancelled Events:

To prevent our equipment from being damaged, we will cancel a movie in the event of rain, heavy winds, or thunderstorms. If we do cancel an event, all purchased tickets will be refunded prior to the planned movie time. We also post updates across social media platforms & our website, so if it seems like it is going to rain, check up on our Facebook page or website at Cactus Drive In and send us a message if you’re wondering whether a movie will still be shown. As weather predictions are not always accurate, we may cancel an event during the same day it will be shown.


If you can’t make it to the event or are otherwise unhappy with your experience, we can process a refund for you. If you purchased a ticket online at our website cactusdrivein , send us a message or email if you can’t or didn’t make the event (we keep track of who purchased online and showed up via barcodes on tickets). Online refunds may be completed up to 3 days after the showing. If you purchased a ticket upfront, you may talk to the ticket takers during the first 30 minutes of the event to get a refund.