Frequently Asked Questions

Tickets are purchased for $20 + $2 card fee online or $25 cash or $25 + fee for credit cards at the gate. If paying online, your ticket will be sent to the email address that was used to purchase it – make sure to bring a copy on your phone or in print. 


We have implemented a new ticketing service,  all ticket sales will be done through – Your ticket will be emailed to the email address used to purchase the ticket, The ticket will have a barcode on it and can only be used once for check in “two seprate emails will be sent one for transaction recipt and one for your ticket.

I Did Not Receive My Ticket!

Please check you junk email for your ticket and mark it as not spam, If you still can’t find your ticket please log into your account and go to “My Tickets” you can download your ticket from there. or email us at if you don’t have a account and we will do a manual resend.

Reselling Tickets

The resale of tickets is not allowed due to attempted scams. If you do not want your ticket anymore, please email us before the starting time of the movie for a full refund at


All Sales Are Final & Non-Refundable.

  • Ticket purchases are only valid for the location and film that is shown on the confirmation page of your printed tickets.
  • In the unusual situation that we cancel prior to a show starting,  you will be entitled to a full refund including any service charges.
  • If the movie has started and we have bad weather – high winds, heavy rain or lightning and is expected to last and we end up canceling the showing –  everyone will be issued a rain check via email and will be valid for the same movie on a rescheduled date

We are located at E Valencia & S Wilmot Road. Our drive-in is on the South East corner next to HDS trucking School – The entrance is on Wilmot on the eastside look for our sign Cactus Carpool Cinema . 

6201 S Wilmot Rd Tucson, Az 85756


After your ticket is scanned, you’ll be directed to a spot by our parking attendants. Please follow their directions, and know whether you’d like to park your vehicle facing forward or backward in advance. The earlier you arrive, the better spot you’ll get. If you bring a large vehicle or hatchback that is likely to obstruct the view of others, you will be directed to park toward the sides when possible. Due to the nature of pop up drive-in events, there may potentially be small obstructions to your view. Our parking attendants will do their best to minimize these obstructions. If your view becomes blocked in some way, let a staff member know, and we can try to make adjustments.

Patrons can bring their own food at this time but we are implementing a no outside food policy soon –  There are food trucks located on-site in the back of the lot, we encourage you by buying food from them instead of bringing your own -Purchasing food from them goes 100% to their business, and will encourage them to come back for our future showings.

See food menu here

Gates open two hours before the movie starts – the earlier you arrive, the better parking spot you’ll get! Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to showtime to get settled down and grab food. Most people like to arrive 30-45 minutes before the movie starts, so if you’re there before that, you will skip the traffic. Gates will close, and we will not allow any more vehicles into lot 10 minutes after the movie starts.

You can, as long as you maintain social distancing from other customers and follow all CDC guidelines. We ask that you stay within your spot and maintain at least 6′ separation from others. The Pima County Health Department asks that masks are worn when outside of your vehicle. This will change as we get new information.

FM Radio

Sound for the movie is transmitted over terrestrial radio on FM 103.1 We suggest you bring a portable radio if you plan on sitting in front or back of your car with your vehicle off. 

Smartphone Audio

Connect to our WiFi server (Cactus Carpool Audio) with the Listen Everywhere app – Available from Google Play & Apple Store – User must be connected to our WiFi server for audio to work – Internet will not be available when connected

We Stream Audio over our Wi-Fi network
Use the Free App, listeners use their own Smart Device

Click to download the Free App

Google play     iPhone App Store

Sorry, no pets at this time. Service animals are allowed as long as they are well behaved and are cleaned up after.

Smoking and drug use is not allowed and will not be tolerated at our events. Keep in mind, there are families and other customers who sit outside and are trying to enjoy the movie. If we can smell it or receive a complaint, we will ask you to stop or otherwise leave the event.

Restrooms are located at the back of the lot toward the area the food trucks like to park. The facilities are high-quality, air conditioned, and kept clean. High touch surfaces in the restrooms are sanitized regularly during the event.

Trash cans are located along the middle and sides of the parking lot.  Please be considerate, and throw your trash away before you leave. You can drive up to one and toss your trash out as you leave too. Keeping our site clean is important Please help our venue clean and beautiful for all our future showings.

We will keep a 6ft distance between each vehicle to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and meet all CDC guidelines. The 6ft social distancing guidelines apply while outside of your vehicle, purchasing food, or using the restroom facilities too. The Pima County Health Department asks that masks are worn when outside of your vehicle.

We use a high-quality, 40ft inflatable screen to allow for the best viewing experience we can provide. This makes a huge difference compared to the 16ft and 23ft screens that many others like to use. The picture for the movie is high enough off the ground to be clearly visible, even over other vehicles from the back of the lot! This is the best possible pop up screen within our reach – our next upgrade is a permanent one!

As long as the weather is good, we will be trying to show movies as much as we can. Keep an eye on our website,, or our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page for information about future events.

We really want to, but we can’t! To play newer movies, we require a very expensive, specialized projector that can accept downloads and keys directly from the studios. The key gets sent to the projector on the movie’s release date to allow a theater to play the movie. This kind of projector is outside of what we can afford right now, but with enough support, we will eventually have one!

Our current movie selection is based on what the studios allow us to show. The list of movies we can choose from is very limited, but we try to pick the best ones!

We only start our movies after the sun sets below the horizon. While it can still be a bit warm in the evenings, the sun won’t be out to heat your car up like it does in the daytime. If you’re comfortable with sitting outside in the nighttime air during the summer, you should be ok. If not, we’re open from February through November!

Rain during the movie is ok, and we can still show. A movie may be cancelled in advance if there is an increasingly high chance of thunderstorms in the evening. If there are sudden and unexpected thunderstorms, high winds, hail, or lightning, we will have to temporarily shut down to keep everyone safe and prevent damage to the screen and equipment. We will resume the show once everything settles down. Please get to the safety of your car or indoors if needed. 

If setup fails due to weather before the movie starts, we will refund everyone’s ticket.

If the screen needs to be down mid-movie due to weather and we can’t put it back up, we will rain check the movie and send everyone who attended a single-use code for a free movie of your choice.

Sometimes the winds will prevent us from inflating the screen during daylight hours. Once the sun starts to set, we will have calmer winds and then we can inflate the screen. Rest assured, the screen is there and will be inflated prior to the planned show start.

Malfunctions happen and is subject to Murphy’s Law – Anything that can go wrong will go wrong – We take care of our equipment and hopefully it won’t happen, but if it dose we carry backup equipment like projectors, spare bulbs, blowers for the screen and patch kits, backup media players ect – The show will continue and will only be delayed by a few minutes why we work out the cause of a malfunction and fix it. Please be aware if you decide to leave during a malfunction and we fix the problem and the show continues there will be no refunds entitled due to you leaving early.

  1. Dim your lights before entering the lot.
  2. Don’t litter. Trash cans are located on the left side on your way out or by the restrooms.
  3. Trucks & Suv’s: please be considerate and park to the right side or rear of the lot as directed by the theater staff. Otherwise, patrons in smaller automobiles may not be able to see over your roof.
  4. Please do not sit on-top of your vehicle this is a safety hazard and is not allowed and will obstruct the view of others.
  5. Know how to turn your daytime running lights off if you plan to idle. check your owners manual
  6. Keep your foot off the brake pedal when parked.
  7. If you kill your battery, we can give you a jump after the show has ended.
  8. No smoking or drug use is allowed at all. We would like to keep our events family friendly.
  9. If you have a good experience, leave us a good review. We really appreciate it!

Cactus Carpool Cinema is available for private drive-in rentals please fill in form to inquire on renting entire theatre for your private event.

Rental is for the entire theatre. If you do not want to rent the entire theatre tickets can be purchased ahead of time through our website for any of our showings.

Sorry, but we cannot reserve spaces during our scheduled showings at this time. Your best bet would be to arrive as close to the box office opening time to ensure your group can park close together.

Please keep in mind larger vehicles like SUVs trucks vans etc. have to park in designated parking areas.

If you are interested in hosting a private drive in movie or renting one of our screens for offsite locations, we work directly with Desert Air Cinema. Their phone number is (520) 347-5789 and their website can be found HERE.

Contact Us

6201 S Wilmot Road
Tucson, AZ 85756

(520)372-2124 Ext 0