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Drive-In Movies at Medella Vina Ranch
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February 27th @ 6:30 PM
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Cactus Carpool Cinema
Drive-In Movies at Medella Vina Ranch
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Since 2011, we have been hosting a drive-in experience in the Tucson area. Ever since the De Anza Drive-In closed in 2009, the original founder’s vision was to maintain Tucson’s drive-in culture and bring back a permanent location.

We show a variety of movies at Medella Vina Ranch on a high-quality 40ft inflatable screen with audio from a FM transmitter that you can listen to from your car on channel FM 103.1.

As a small business, we’ve built from the ground up while constantly upgrading our equipment and ensuring the best customer experience we can provide. With everyone’s support, we can rebuild a drive-in again and have our vision come true.

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Mar 19th

7:00 PM

Mar 20th

Private Event

Mar 27th

7:00 PM

Download your ticket and print it, or use the digital email version on your phone for quicker check in.

If you are interested in hosting a private drive-in style movie or sit in movie at your location or home, you can rent directly with Desert Air Cinema for all rentals big or small. There phone number is (520) 347-5789 and website can be found HERE. They are open and accepting reservations.

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Medella Vina Ranch

4450 S Houghton Rd Tucson, AZ 85730

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FM 103.1

Coronavirus & The Drive In!

With Covid-19 pandemic hitting our nation hard, the management at Cactus decided in March to not open early as we felt that putting our customers

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New Screen Arriving Soon

Were pleased to announce that we have purchased a new screen for our carpool movies. The current screen we have been using is not efficient

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