Drive-In Cinema Rental

We are available and would love to host your private drive-in movie or events – please fill in this form to inquire on renting our entire venue for your own private drive-in movie or event. It’s simple and will only take a few minutes to complete.

Our Drive-In Cinema Services

B-Day Party's

 Birthday Party’s are hard to plan! – Space for parking, play area etc… We offer a large venue for your next b-day party needs, plan a party in the day and a movie at night on our large 40′ screen.

Gaming Party's

Impressively big fun! Plan a gaming party on our huge 40 foot screen. Have competitions, challenges, or just play your favorite games. The experience is impressive and memorable. 

Corporate Party's

We offer a complete package for corporate events – Large parking for up to 80 vehicles and a drive-in movie experience that will impress your employees with wholesome, nostalgic family fun.


Lets face it – Fundraisers are complicated and hard work. Let us take the worry out of a location and activity for your guests with a Drive-In movie fundraiser, Its a unique experience.

Car Club Meet Up

What’s a car club meet up without a classic movie – Enjoy your favorite car film for your next meetup- All day rentals available for your event.

Antique Fair

We offer a large lot for any antique fair – With lower prices that cant be beat we can provide a safe venue for your next antique fair location.

our expertise

Digital DLP Projection

Our projectors use technology from Texas Instruments known as digital light processing, or DLP, to form the images on screen. The projector has 3 DLP chips which measure 1.2 inches by .6 inches. Each of these chips have 2,211,840 individual mirrors that can adjust in an on off position up to 5,000 time per second.

40 Foot Screen

Our screen is one of the biggest outdoor movie screen available in the Tucson area, measuring in at a whopping 50' wide and 33' foot tall with a vividly bright and impressively huge image.


Our audio is also improved with a digital signal sent straight to your car stereo or portable FM player. High-quality transmitters and antennas ensure the best possible sound. The better your car stereo, the better the sound performance.