Our screen completely broke on Sunday Aug 2nd due to a sudden high wind from a storm south of Tucson. One of the main top anchor points gave way due to a manufacture defect, once that happens it makes the screen impossible to stand back up. After contacting the manufacturer, we will be picking up a replacement for our screen from out of state. The screen they will be giving us is a newer model that is both easier to stand up and much more reinforced.

Update. We have picked up the new screen, We drove 1800 miles and worked all night preparing the screen and we are ready to get back to our scheduled showings- and wow it is nice. The new design will hold up better and should last us years of good use, it is also taller than our previous screen and should allow a better viewing experience.

We’ll be back in operation starting on August 13th for Forrest Gump at 8:00pm. Come on out and see the new screen.

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