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Screen Damaged During Storm – Still Open

Our Conex screen was damaged and fell over during a storm that came through Tucson on 7/10/21 – Strong winds in excess of 64 mph toppled our screen setup and is now out of commission.

We Are Open – We will be using the 40′ inflatable screen “the one used at the ranch last year” till the Conex screen is stacked, fixed and more secure

Were looking for the community’s help to repair the screen, cost is going to be extremely high and with the weather being hot and humid! Windy ugh – were experiencing low attendance and we are unable to pay for the cost upfront, We have setup a GoFundMe account Here: and anything will help, all proceeds will go to the cost for repair!- We love providing outdoor movie options for Tucson and to bring a drive-in theatre back is a great thing so with everyone’s help we can rise again. put intended……


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Hi! Tucson

We need your help!

Yes We Are Open!

Unfortunately our screen was blown over on 7/10/21 monsoon. Mother nature gave us 64 mph winds and just blew our screen over.

 Were asking for the community’s help to donate as the cost to repair the screen is going  to be expensive.

For now we will continue with our 40′ inflatable screen while we repair the screen in the background.

Please consider donating, even $1  will help and 100% will go to the repair process.

Thank You Tucson